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USEFUL STUFF NYC is important. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. How you choose to spend, invest or piss them away is up to you.

Here at NYC Taxi WTF we live our lives and worlds in an age of miracles and wonders. Heck simply getting up in the morning is miraculous. Life is a precious gift. Get with the program. Start appreciating it. Be grateful for your problems. Things could be worse. You could be driving a NYC taxi!

We here at NYC Taxi WTF would like to give you the benefit of our experience on the streets by sharing some, but, not all, of our favorite things on the World Wide Web. This life depending where you are on the space time continuum is short and getting shorter. When you are younger, you want to be older. When you are older, you want to be younger.

What is Useful Stuff NYC?

The short list of useful things from our perspective include NYC airport arrival times, NYC weather, NYC Food and Marketing.

Let me explain, no let me sum up. The ability to manifest your NYC agenda is all about what is necessary for you. Your needs like car mileage will vary. If you grew up a baby boomer, newspapers radio and television became the status quo, being part of Gen Digital is different. Explaining, once upon a time there was no such thing as a "smart phone" to someone who is in Gen Z, is like saying, oh snap, dinosaurs roamed the earth back in the day.


In a world filled with INFOTAINMENT, there is no shortage of content to consume. Hell, anyone can become President of the United States. If you just are given the proper genetic disposition, Paging Chelsea Clinton, Paging Chelsea Clinton.

Here at NYC Taxi WTF Intergalactic HQ, we spend lots of time alone. We spend lots of time with perfect and imperfect strangers. Lost in thought. It is a luxury many do not have. Without trying to sound pretentious I have "curated" various useful stuff, that I have found important. May the Schwartz be with you.




NYC Airport Arrivals

There are 3 major commercial airports in NYC. They are JFK, LaGuardia and Newark.

Dollars to doughnuts, if you are living or visiting here you will end up at one of them. Of course, if you have your own personal aircraft, there is Teterboro in New Jersey. From the perspective of a NYC taxicab driver, it doesn't matter where or when you depart, all that is important is when you arrive.

So to make your life easier, this is how to figure out, when friends and relatives have landed.

NYC Weather

Weather is useful stuff to us at NYC Taxi WTF.

Here are the zip codes you can plug into your favorite weather web sites. If you need to know the forecast, enter these zip codes. This way you will know if you should bring an umbrella.

  • Times Square zip code: 10036
  • SOHO zip code: 10012
  • Coney Island zip code: 11224
  • Williamsburg zip code: 11211
  • LGA zip code: 11371
  • JFK zip code: 11430
  • EWR zip code: 07114

NYC Food

Food will play an important role in New York City.

It can be bagels, delicatessen or pizza. Perhaps, you are a carnivore, omnivore or vegan. If you can't find a decent place to eat here, chances are you have some serious issues. Here are some good places to figure out where you should go. Get your inner Anthony Bourdain on!!!


Why is Marketing important? If you have passengers, clients or customers or anyone who gives you money, treating them like gold is important.

If you don't think so, try living without it (money). Observe some homeless people. Your trivial problems will seem small in comparison. These marketing gurus will offer you some interesting insights. Get on their mailing lists. This will have tremendous value for you and your business. Be true to your own marketing mojo.