WTF is Taxi’splaining?

It’s a self-invented concept. Like the Best and Worst of Life, you can’t make this sh*t up. Everyday, a NYC Taxi Drivers go to the streets to earn their daily bread. No one gets or receives anything in this world for free, with the exception of Aggravation, which is always complimentary.

You do what you got to do.  You do what you can.

It’s that easy and simple.

When you are focused and aware, things flow.

If you are distracted and unfocused well Shift Happens.

After a life time of experience, growing up, living and working on the streets of NYC, your world view is askew. It is not like any of this is normal. However, It appears normal to you.

So, what’s it to you?

Glad you asked KeeMoSabee . . .

Dealing with Insanity daily, it makes you Insane. It can be bad crazy or good crazy.

You are always in the service of others. There is more otherness in an NYC Taxi Drivers world then you can shake a stick @.

Thanks for sticking with me

Karma is Real as Gravity.

Doing the Right Thing for Others is how we roll.

This Taxi’splaing is simple.

Simply explained.

Waiting, Waiting & More Waiting

Waiting is what NYC Taxi drivers do for a living.

Stuck in street traffic or NYC airport holding lot.

Kvetching, Bitching and Moaning are routine.

Coming in contact with people from all walks of life.

Treating them the way They want to be treated.

This is the Platinum Rule.

The Golden Rule is you treat others as you want to be treated.

Mark Twain once opined, “Never let school get in the way of your education.”

Today, we live in a world of boxes. Home. School Work.

We only see what we want to see. NYC taxi drivers go in and out of the familiar and unfamiliar. This does not make them better people only better at dealing with stuff so interesting and amazing most have no reference point for what others in taxi-land conceive as ordinary.

Drivers of cabs and cars for hire everywhere are all small business owners.

Like people in all types of businesses.

You are either Fearful or you are Greedy.

Sometimes neither and sometimes both.

Being in the driver’s seat of your life is a good thing. Rank has privilege.

It also means being responsible. I can’t explain this more simply.

Driving is Huge.

Makes no difference if it is a Boat, Bus, Train or Airplane.