Junk Emails

Junk emails also known as spam, fill your inbox every day. They are the electronic equivalent of the junk mail which fills your mail box. Many are harmless. Many are malicious. In the age of multiple computers, marketers and scammers have been given amazing tools. The ability to target various segments of society is unprecedented.

As an example, Vanna White from the €œWheel Of Fortune€ just sent me an email from a domain in Poland. Do I know her? No. However, I was watching the TV show last night on a smart TV. This is all very spooky. Many will click on this just out of curiosity. Here are some facts about email and spam from a very cool website called Internet Live Stats. Visit it: http://www.internetlivestats.com/one-second/#email-band. The amount of junk emails sent is mind blowing. Take a moment to see for yourself. If you are not shocked and amazed, there are always cat videos or crappy reality TV shows to watch.

How Not To Be A Sucker For Junk Emails

If you have an email address or several you will be sent lots of crap in your inbox. It is the nature of the beast. Homo Digitalis lives and dies by their email.

The trick if there is one to be proactive and not point and click at everything. Your ability to use common sense is very important, if not uncommon. The most important tool in your toolkit is the delete button. Make friends with it. Use it ruthlessly. If you cannot do this, the next step is to do nothing. Unless this is a trusted email address, you are under no obligation to respond to anything and everything coming at you.

I know, I know easier said than done. If you work for the man or have a business where you are a worker, it is easier to make this someone else's problem. Which is what good management is all about. However, having your personal or professional email accounts hacked by evil doers is a big hassle. Don'€™t be a schmuck!

Spam Filters

Spam filters are like kitchen sink strainers. They allow you to separate the good stuff from the bad. Clogging up your email pipeline is not a good thing. But, the world is filled with thieving scheming no goodniks. Thinking for yourself is so 20th century. When there are so many people and organizations who want to do your thinking for you.

Here are some obvious secrets. Keep all your software updated with the latest and greatest versions. If you are not sure about your spam filters, go to your favorite search engine and type "€œSpam Filters"  into it. There are lots of sources for you to upgrade to the latest and greatest vendors have to offer.