Canal Street Shopping New York

So you wish to know about Canal Street Shopping New York?

Mecca of knock off handbags, mysterious place of haggling, strange fruits, fish & veggies. This place is chaos, pure unadulterated chaos. You come here for the New York City Shopping, which I suggest everyone does at least once in their lives.

Quick history lesson, Canal Street used to separate cannoli from chop suey – Little Italy from Chinatown.

The Italians in Little Italy moved out to the suburbs a long time ago. Now it’s mostly Asian shop keepers that use every square inch they can, heck, even a few they shouldn’t to sell you something.

At these NYC Canal Street shops – they’ll sell you just about anything you can buy.

I’ve never heard of them selling an old Russian submarine, but everything else is fair game, from fish to antiques, watches and bags of a bazillion different types – more than a few will be rip-offs – excuse me ‘imitations’ - but for the determined shoppers, it’s the place to go, especially if you like to haggle.

Some of the stuff is practical, electronics, t-shirts, other stuff is just off the walls crazy. Mementos of from the World Trade Center? Got ‘em. Fish? Live birds? Disco-balls? Yes, yes and yes in spades.

Of course the police aren’t happy about these imitation goods, so you got to be calm and patient before you score. There are lots of knock offs. If designer stuff like Vuitton, Chanel or Prada, is your thing. You’ll get your very own adventure and a great story to go with your new ‘imitation’ bag. I’m told it’s quite a thrill and gets the blood racing, but if you ask me: my day job driving a taxi on the overnight shift holds more than its fair share of adventures.

However, you are not me. So I’m telling you what I know and what I hear. Since the police started cracking down, the sellers started becoming more sophisticated in keeping them away from what they’re doing. You’d think this stuff was out of a spy movie, but no, it happens every day.

I’m not the voice or morality and I won’t tell you what to do or not to do with these ‘imitations.’ But a lot of these people don’t have very much to lose, so they can be a bit dangerous. It’s big business, so don’t go looking for trouble. Going for the genuine article is a lot less stressful – me, I have enough stress in my life that I’m trying to keep my hair – and you can still find anything and everything you can imaginable, and a bit more, save for that Russian submarine. Guess eBay has one thing up on shopping NYC shopping Canal Street, eh? But the atmosphere, the vitality? Nothing comes close.

So you’re looking for the best deals? Action? Adventure? Wide selection of real and imitation goods? Then let me take you to the NYC Canal Street shops, a bazaar among bazaars, where the ordinary and the extraordinary – not to mention extra-legal – stand side by side. So hold on to your pocketbooks, keep arms, legs, heads inside the vehicle until we come to a complete stop and enjoy the city that never sleeps.

Canal Street Shopping New York Tips

Begin your Canal Street Shopping New York adventure by taking the subway downtown to Canal Street. Of course this assumes you are staying North or Uptown in Manhattan.

To experience the whole crazy Full Monty of NYC Canal Street Shopping experience, it’s best to take the “A”, “C”, “‘E” “Q’’ “R’’ “W” or ‘6’ trains to Canal Street & walk East toward Chinatown or the Manhattan Bridge.

You will not be disappointed.

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