Attractions In NYC!
What Will You Discover ?

Which Attractions in NYC will you find? It all depends. What sub-culture or sub-cultures do you belong to? Truth be told, if I was in the mood to tell you the truth. As a Native NYC yellow taxi cab driver, this place is Disney World on the Hudson.  A Coney Island of the Mind, Body & Spirit.

You want it. You got it, man.

It’s simple.

All you need is Time & Money.

If You Do Not Have These Things, Well you are Plucked.

It’s not like I am telling you something you do not already know.

If you happen to live or work in this place you tend to be just another Rat in the Rat Race or Pasta in the Pasta bowl.

You have no idea what is N O R M A L.

Perhaps it is all just a setting on your dryer.

Many years ago I found myself at the Pyramids in Egypt. My mother (God Rest her Soul) worked for an airline which is no longer in business. Travel is the Best Education you can give yourself or your children. I remember seeing kids playing in the shadows of this amazing place. They were at home, in their neighborhood.

If you live here, you do not think or consider this is Ordinary or Extraordinary.

As a child of NYC every NYC attraction is Normal.

NYC Attractions You Need To See

What attractions in NYC do you need to see?

It all depends.

There are many Sights & Landmarks, Museums, Nature & Parks, Concerts & Shows, Shopping, Nightlife, Zoo’s & Aquariums, or Other Events here.

You will have to work hard to be bored here. I am not suggesting it is impossible. It is just challenging. Empty headed teenagers to the contrary.

Most of us who live or work full time here rarely take advantage of all the cultural options at our fingertips. It is usually when your idiot brother-in-law comes in with the family that you are forced to go to Central Park or the Museum of Modern Art. Those Picasso’s and Warhol’s would look good on your fridge held up by a magnet, wouldn’t they? I keep my art in the form of postcards. You do have great works of art on your fridge held by magnets, don’t you?

Of course, you can just be a hermit. The choice is all yours. 

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What Should You Do In New York City ???

Good Question.

First things first.

Just show up.

As the old New York State lottery commercial goes ‘you got to be in it to win it.”

The other tag line that applies to all New York City experiences is “Hey you Never know.”

Pay attention to the building he is standing on at the beginning of this commercial.

Attractions in NYC come in all shapes, sizes and forms.

My advice to you.

You can be entertained just looking at people.

This is a Game of Focus. Pay Attention to what goes on around you.

You will not be disappointed.