How To Play in NYC Traffic Without Losing Your Mind!

Ever find yourself in NYC traffic? Here are some useful suggestions.

No matter your significant status at home or in the office, (you are in charge, aren’t you?) New York City Traffic is very democratic. I guarantee you. It will mess with your mind. Going nowhere quickly is unavoidable.

This is doubly so when you are late for that appointment with . . . . . . . (fill in the blank).

Your personal Bat Mobile may be luxurious. Made in Japan or Germany. Pimped out with all the latest microprocessor bells and whistles’. You can be driving in your hooptie:

However, it is an inevitable Law of the NYC Traffic Universe, unless you are a President, Pope or Prime Minister, the streets of New York City do not give a pluck about you.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Where To Get NYC Traffic Info

If you have been alive Before Cell (BC) phones, there is something in most vehicles called RADIO.

Turn it on. 

Tune In. Expand Your Traffic Awareness.

Two good sources of NYC traffic radio - they are both in the AM Band.

1010 WINS on the 1’s

WCBS 880 on the 8’s

The Good news - all traffic all the time.

The Bad news - if you are not familiar with the roads...

Nothing will make sense, including traffic.

Making The Mother Ship Connection

In the likely event you are from out of town or outer space (there are plenty of undocumented types here), you will notice the inhabitants of NYC all seem to be in a Hurry (with or without their curry).

They all have places to go and people to see. The whole idea of rush hour is a bad joke. This joke is on all the folks, who are trying to get somewhere/nowhere very quickly. Experienced travelers take this into account. Expecting the unexpected is the way to roll.

How do I know this?

My fellow yellow taxi drivers and I have spent gazillions of hours of our lives experiencing this directly.

Subways, Buses, Ferry’s & Commuter Rail Road

There are plenty of subways, buses, ferry’s & commuter rail roads to connect you with your destiny/destination.

When visiting Uncle Mario & Aunt Maria in the ‘burbs from the Great Elsewhere, They will break it down for you.

You get bus X to subway Y to commuter rail road Z

It’s simple (when you know the secret)

Now solve for the transportation equation

Chances are you are staring at your MDD (Magical Distraction Device aka cell phone), at this moment.

Pissed Off

Here is a really 20th century way to fix this problem.

Talk to another human being.

The residents of this great city are a useful lot. They know stuff. All you have to do is ask.

Trust me this easier than starring at your I-Thingy.




Commuter Rail Road


Metro North

Bridges & Tunnels


Staten Island


New York Water Ways