NYC Taxi Driver Info

What NYC Taxi Driver Info do you need to know?

There is only one reason to be driving a NYC Taxi.

It is to Make Money to pay for your expenses. If keeping a roof over your head, food on the table, indoor plumbing and electricity are a thing for you, keep reading.

Let us not go beyond the boundaries of reasonable dishonesty here. As opposed to unreasonable dishonesty. You can see more than this daily in the political realm.

Let’s pretend you didn’t make your money the old fashioned way, by inheriting it. Boo Hoo, Too Bad, So Sad. (Make Crying Noises Here.)

This is about putting you in the driver’s seat of your own life. You do want to be in charge of your destiny. Present circumstances notwithstanding.

OK. It’s Show Time folks.

Here is the Deal. Either you are doing the Hustling or you are being Hustled. Forewarned is forearmed.

Got It
Get It

Getting Paid

You want to get paid for your pain and suffering driving a NYC Taxi. This is the whole purpose of the exercise.

Unless you just enjoy doing charity work for the people you lease your taxicab from. This is not a good idea. It’s money that matters. NYC is a harsh place. Unless of course you are here for a vacation. Then it is a theme park. Where you can spend, spend and spend.

Let us explain the golden and platinum rules. The golden rule in case you have been living under a rock, is thus:
Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated.

The platinum rule is different:
Treat People The Way They Want To Be Treated.

This is a subtle but profound difference.

Let’s assume for a moment you or your family come from a totalitarian or socialist shit hole. Most of us or our ancestors fit the profile. In the US of A there is something called social mobility.

You rise to the level of your competence. In theory. In practice, social inequality rules man. But, you have all the trappings of being middle class. Let us make the best of a bad situation. Driving a luxury German or Japanese car makes up for All the stuff your ancestors did not possess.

You are still stuck in the mental and emotional traffic of doing the right thing. This is not a problem should you be living your life with integrity. Being selfish and stupid is another thing. Remember, you can’t fix stupid.

Safe Driving Tips For NYC Taxi Drivers

Here are some driving tips for NYC Taxi Drivers

If you value your health take them under consideration.