Why New York City Radio ? ?

NYC Radio has an abundance of frequencies and formats. In my parent’s home, there was always a radio. Listening to the voices and music coming “over the air”. It was, is and will always be Magic to my ears. The technology we have today is order of magnitude different then the stuff your parents or grandparents knew, back in the day. The amount of content and how we consume it is Overwhelming and Intoxicating.

If you L-O-V-E NYC Radio you will discover or rediscover lots of rabbit holes to go down.

The question becomes how much time can you invest in listening to Tunes? The correct answer is not enough. However, you may come up with a different answer.

NYC Radio Turn On, Tune In, Get Connected

The Tunes you listen to are what Turns You On.

For some/many it is wing nut talk radio. Where all your fears and suspicions are focused on the OTHER. Be it that other political group, religion or economic class. Their sleazery and dishonesty. The world has always been an F-up place. This ain’t a new story. Don’t believe me read some history.

As for my personal preferences, it’s about Music.

Nothing can take the place of Good Music, with the exception of Good Relationships, Good Books and Good Food.

NYC Radio, like the City of New York itself, is a place of immense diversity. If you are curious and playful multiple worlds are discovered.

You want it. You got it. Make Your Choice(s) ! !

How To Access NYC Radio

Let’s for a moment assume you Love NYC Radio - if you didn’t why would you be reading this web page?

However, perhaps you do not live here anymore (there are other places to live) or perhaps you have been kidnapped by aliens from another planet. This happens all the time.

Let’s fix the situation. In business and life, it is always about fixing the problem not the blame. Unless, of course you are in Politics. Let’s not go there.

Perhaps you have a passing familiarity with this thing called the Internet or World Wide Web? Just the simple point and click stuff. We have a good feeling about this. Take a deep breath. You can Do This, OK?

In the interest of good Time Management let us make this simple:

AM Radio

FM Radio

***Inspiration Lou Reed Rock-N-Roll

Here are the Lyrics you need to sing along

This is is as good as it gets man. 

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