NYC Passenger Info You Can Use

What NYC Passenger Info do you need to know? This all depends on you. You, of course are many different people. If you live and work in NYC, chances are you are exhausted and upset. If you are visiting from out of town, for business or pleasure, your expectations and understandings are different.

Let’s make this easy.

The question is simple, “What outcome do I want?”
Here and Now, in this moment.

Here at NYC Taxi WTF, we deal with more varied personalities, than psychiatric nurses in an insane asylum.

One excellent way to insure a decent NYC Taxi Passenger experience is to know where you want to go. There have been many NYC Taxi passengers who get into my cab, engrossed in their mobile phones. They forget to tell where they want to go. It becomes just another interruption, in the middle of another interruption.

The whole point of being a NYC Taxi passenger is you want to go somewhere to get somewhere.

It helps if you know where you want to go and be able to articulate it to the taxi cab driver. This is pretty basic stuff. Improving the quality of life for both you and your cabbie. Making life simple is what this is all about.


How much does a NYC Taxi ride cost? This is like asking how much does a car or apartment cost. Short answer. It depends on. Visit the NYC Taxi Fare Estimator to get a clue.


Different places have different understandings about charges for services. When in Rome do as the Romans. Please take a moment to understand Why NYC Taxi Tipping is important.

Other Important NYC Passenger Info

What other important information NYC passengers might want to know? Glad you asked. It is not an uncommon thing for NYC Taxi riders to leave their property inside a cab. This is usually in the form of a mobile phone, wallets or purses. Other times shopping bags filled with treasures have been abandoned. This has not done on purpose. Word to the wise. If it came with you, take it with you.

Lost and Found For NYC Taxis

There is a central lost and found for NYC Taxis in NYC.

If you dial 311 on your phone (not the one you lost) you will be connected to a helpful representative of the City of New York

NYC Taxi passengers do leave property in cabs all the time.

Here is some helpful advice.

Always get a receipt from your NYC Taxi driver. The receipt shows a NYC Taxi medallion number which you can track here.

Once you have figured out who owns the taxi, you can contact the garage to see if your lost property was found.

If you do not have a receipt finding lost things becomes most complicated. Go here.

Remember you and your personal possessions always want to where you are going together.