Why NYC Parking Sucks...
& What Can You Do About It

Here is Inconvenient Truth 101: NYC Parking is a pain in the a**. This ain’t the ‘burbs, or other places (there are other places), where the Creator of the Universe has gifted his Chosen Peeps with plenty of free parking.

Like taxi drivers or strippers, if you want to play, you have to pay. Let’s just say you are visiting and are stuck in NYC traffic for a matinee in the Theater District. This is a hassle of epic proportions. So my advice if you are not driving is Relax. Take a chill pill or have the adult beverage of your choice (or several).

Here’s How To Solve Your NYC Parking Problem

Pay For It.



This may or may not go against the grain of your own self-image.

My advice to you is to get over yourself. Your Significant Others will strongly suggest this to you every day. For the record, never underestimate the ability of NYC to ticket or steal your motor vehicle and then hold it for ransom. This happens all day, every day.

I have driven more than my fair share of car owners, who did not or would not pay attention to parking signs. Allow me to share with you what will happen. You will encounter a municipal employee, who doesn’t give a Flying Fig about your Sad Story. Your Hissy Fit will only make for delightful meal conversation with co-workers or extended family members, at some time in the future.

Amongst many crappy jobs in this world, this has to rate, as one of the Best of the Worst. The other most shi*ty job in the world are the people from the New York City Department of Transportation, who hand out NYC Parking tickets.

Hey it is a living. We all have to eat.

Of course this would Never happen to you, if you are smart.

You are Smart.

Aren’t You ? ? ?

Here Is How To Solve This Problem

Visit These Guys and Save your Money by Spending some Money.

You are going to do it one way or the other.

Point, Click & Save ...

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