Looking For New York Department Stores?

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This is an age of miracles. 
Isn’t technology wonderful? 
When it works.

Hopefully you are in your underwear or Victoria's Secret lingerie at home. Sipping your favorite beverage. Of course, you could be at your day or night job. Being paid big money to surf the web as a Mystery Shopper. The mystery of the day: New York Department Stores Online.

Perhaps your job description does not include Mystery Shopping or earning large amounts of money. Well, dude or dudette, let me offer you the career advice of the great humanitarian and philosopher Homer J. Simpson:

Homer: I want to share something with you:
The three little sentences that will get you through life.
Number 1: Cover for me.
Number 2: Oh, good idea, Boss!
Number 3: It was like that when I got here.

Doh !?!

Let just assume the powers that be are involved in other more important business matters than staring over your shoulders at this moment. Besides you are on a mission which just happens to be understanding where and what these NYC Department Stores market and sell.

New York department stores offers anyone with a pulse an extraordinary amount of goods, products and services. If you have shopaholic proclivities here is your shopahol.

These NYC Department Stores offer accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, handbags, lingerie, swim wear, shoes and clothes, clothes, clothes.

This is an age of miracles.
Isn’t technology wonderful?
When it works.

Barneys Locations

  • 660 Madison Ave. at 61st St., T: 212-826-8900
  • Barney's Downtown, 101 Seventh Ave. at 16th St. T: 212-264-6400
  • Brooklyn 194 Atlantic Ave. between Clinton & Court St. T: 718-637-2234
    Visit their site: http://www.barneys.com

Bergdorf Goodman Location

Bloomingdale's  Locations

Century 21 Location


  • 40 East 14th St (At University Place) T: 212-228-0598
  • 50 West 34 th St (between 5th & 6th Ave) T: 212-564-2346 http://www.forever21.com

 H&M; Locations

Lord & Taylor


 Saks Fifth Avenue

Tiffany & Company Location

Zara Locations

  • 750 Lexington Ave. near 59th St., 212-754-1120
  • 39 W. 34th St. near Sixth Ave., 212-868-6551
  • 101 Fifth Ave. near 17th St., 212-741-0555