NYC Passengers and Day Jobs

NYC day jobs are a thing. So are night jobs.

This New York City place is filled to overflowing with offices and office workers. Everyone is trying to earn a living in the best way they know how.

During regular business hours, the streets and sidewalks are a beehive of busyness. Even after hours people have places to go and things to do. Taxi Drivers in NYC are always in the thick of things. Trying very hard not to hurt themselves or others. Like many other forms of work. It is a thankless task.

Who Else Has Day Jobs in NYC?
Let Me Take a Guess

I always enjoy asking my passengers what they do for a living. It is a form of entertainment and amusement.

The fact of the matter is EVERYONE ends up in a NYC cab at some point. Which yields variable results, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Most people enjoy talking about themselves and their work. There are exceptions. Cops and Criminals come to mind. People involved in suspicious things do not like to share their feelings. That’s life.

There are a small handful of occupations who tend to ride in NYC cabs often. These include people involved in Financial Services, Advertising, Law, Medicine and Technology. This allows a big net to be cast. Giving me the ability to make educated guesses on various vocations. Many taxi riders are surprised how quick and fast this can be done. Others do not fit any ordinary profile.

Working Class Heroes

“A working class hero is something to be”, according to John Lennon. Like all cities, New York City is dependent upon the sweat and labor from people from all over the world.

Perhaps, you, your parents or your grandparents come from some place similar. Nations lacking in social mobility and economic opportunity. Which have all the sex appeal of a well-used portable toilet at a music festival. There is an Army of people who deliver stuff to others. All toiling for their daily bread. New York City is a gigantic organism. Bursting with energy and life.

It becomes easy to become destabilized in all the hustle and bustle. Life is about connection. Here in New York City we place a premium on disconnection. Ear buds, headphones and staring into your magical distraction device (mobile phones). Oblivious to your surroundings. Saber tooth tigers would have a field day here. It is the law of the concrete jungle. Eat or be eaten.  No one said this place and these times would be easy. But it's never boring.

NYC Day Jobs Worth Noting

Below you will find for your entertainment and amusement some of the NYC Day Jobs who have graced me with their presence in the seats of my taxi. A variety of people. A variety of jobs. You can see why mine is so interesting.

  • Chris Anderson creator of the Conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

  • Botox Convention Attendees

  • Sanctions & Money Laundering Compliance Functionary

  • Owner of “The Hotel California”

  • Bean Counter ESPN Network

  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce Guys

  • Reporter for “This American Life” Radio Show

  • Nuclear Engineer

  • FBI Agents

  • Architects

  • Party Planners
  • Floor Staining Businessman

  • Google Employees

  • Writer/Producer Steven Colbert Show

  • Kissinger & Associates Big Cheese

  • Real Estate Developers (Numerous)

  • Public Relations Flacks & Hacks (Common as Muck)

  • Assorted Spoiled Princesses from All Over The Planet

  • Celebrities including:
    Neil Simon, Roberto Benigni, Cyndi Lauper, Dr. Ruth, Bobby Cannavale

  • Tattoo Artists

  • Diplomats

  • Beer Department Manager Whole Foods

  • Executives in The Comic Book Industry

  • Motion Picture Producers & Directors

  • La Crosse Coach, Yale University

  • Writers, Journalists, Media Types (From Across the Board)

  • Hair Stylists

  • New York Supreme Court Justice

  • Lawyers Bankers & Other Wankers (Everyday)

  • Secret Service Agent

  • Private Investigator(s)

  • Various Law Enforcement Officials (City, State & Federal)

  • Shaman Assistant

  • Models, Models, Models

  • Nobel Prize Winning Economist

  • Special Forces Retired Navy SEAL

  • Food Stylist

  • DJ’s aka Disk Jockeys

  • Private Military Contractor (Mercenary/Professional Killer)

  • Morgue Management

  • Political Action Committee Operator

  • Talent Buyer

  • Not for Profit People (Charity Workers)

  • Government Bureaucrats

  • Pet Funeral Director