New York City Apartments

Are you researching New York City Apartments for yourself or a family member, who may or may not be in the process of acquiring some form of job or higher education?

Is it time to dodge, Dodge City? Perhaps, you are just sick and tired of your present personal lifestyle choices?

For whatever reason you Find Yourself looking for apartments in New York City.

These web pages about New York City Apartments are all about...

Information . . .
Information . . .
Information . . .

Then the bricks and mortar equivalent is as they say in the trade...

Location . . .
Location . . .
Location . . .

Ok, that was Easy, Piece of cake. A walk in the park.

NYC Apartments: The Inconvenient Truths

Let me share something with you right off the bat, if you are not from around here or this is your first time doing your apartments in New York City homework.

You are in for both a tractor trailer’s worth of shock and awe. Shock at what things cost. Awe at what you can purchase, if you have a large enough piece of money.

Let me explain in a direct and to the point Native New York City Taxi Driver kind of way.

If you want or expect low prices, go to Walmart. Purchase a dollhouse or a doghouse.

Apartments in New York City if you are a mere mortal are expensive. Stupidly expensive! What you would pay elsewhere in the USA, for a home or apartment would get you a postage stamp sized studio apartment in New York City.

There is a scene in the great movie the “Wizard of Oz” which nicely sums up the whole New York City Real Estate and New York City Apartments Thing. Dorothy turns to her faithful canine companion and states in no uncertain terms, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Dorothy nails it in the preliminaries.

However, this does not stop or slow down plenty of folks from the very non-exclusive Broke-Ass Club from coming here. Cue the music to Frank Sinatra’s song “New York, New York” The whole “if I can make it there, I can make it anywhere” scenario.

So, in the interest of doing my civic duty, I will share with you my limited knowledge.

Locating New York City Apartments:
Skills Required

ESP or Extrasensory Perception
Championship-Level Ouija Skills
Bat Like Capacity to Navigate In the Dark

Throw in some Dumb Luck, just for good measure.

If you have plenty of money, then the New York City Real Estate market is your oyster. If you happen to be knee deep in financial manure like the vast majority of minimum wage people, you will need the Skills referenced above. Having some knowledge before you sign any agreements is to your benefit. Because the Big Print giveth and the small print taketh away.

It’s like that and that’s the way it is.

New York City Apartments Resources

For those of you unfamiliar with New York Real Estate Research 101, I would encourage you to visit the New York Real Estate Board twitter page.

You can pick up lots of useful information here.

After you have discovered what the New York Real Estate Board has to offer, now you are ready to explore what their members want to sell you.

New York City Apartment Broker Websites




Douglas Elliman

Other good places for those on an active hunt for a NYC Apartment to live would include a visit to the Craigslist New York page.
Also check out:


NY Times Real Estate

Street Easy

Go Ahead...Knock Yourself Out. Have fun New York City apartment hunting in your underwear.