NYC Music

NYC Music really has it all.

The history of NYC and Music is lengthy and varied. It is all a reflection of the hearts, minds, and souls of the Artists.

This place is a living record store. If you are old enough to remember record stores.

Music is important around here. There are not a lot of Carnage Halls or Lincoln Centers in the world. The Irrational Exuberance (Crazy Excitement) of it all is overwhelming.

This is not your every day, every day. NYC Music comes in many shapes and varieties. You have heard it before, no matter where you live.

It is Global. It is Local. It is Glocal. If that is a word.

These Places Should Arouse Your Interest in NYC Music. If you have the Time & Desire.

Disappointment is not an option.

What NYC Music Venues Should You Visit?

Finding NYC Music is easy. You want it. You got it.

Time and money also factor into the equation. There is no shortage of concerts to attend. Like lots of things around here, it is an embarrassment of riches. Hey what’s not to like? You have too many, instead of too few choices.

Act accordingly. Let’s start and Go Big:

Carnegie Hall. Everyone should either perform here or be in the audience at least once in their lives.

Madison Square Garden. Where else can you see a Dog Show, Hockey, Basketball and Billy Joel?

Radio City Music Hall. Rockettes & Rock-n-Roll Anyone?

Lincoln Center. What kind of Culture Vulture are you? Dance -  Music - Film - Theater

Apollo Theater. More Music History here than you can shake a stick @

Beacon Theater. An Upper West Side gem.

PlayStation Theater. What’s not to like at this Times Square spot?

Small & Smaller Places

Smaller more cozy accommodations for you to indulge your musical proclivities.

If you are not into mega concert venues filled with insane people, perhaps you should give some of these places your consideration.

Insanity, is still an option. It is just in a more intimate place.

Bowery Ballroom. A Great Place to get your groove on.

Brooklyn Bowl. A bowling alley, restaurant and music emporium. This is NYC Taxi WTF at its best.

Highline Ballroom. After eating way too much at the Chelsea Market go see some NYC Music here.

Mercury Lounge. A Lower East Side Institution. Do not forget to eat some NYC Food at Katz’s Deli up the block.

Terminal 5. Another Mid-Town Manhattan place to Experience Tunes.

City Winery. Oh no Mr. Bill, another place to experience awesome music. A SOHO spot you pass on your way into the Holland Tunnel if you happen to be on your way, to the Great State of New Jersey.

Rockwood Music Hall. Hey You Never Know what sort of Interesting Music you will hear here. This place is small. We are talking real small. A Lower East Side Must See, you will not go wrong.

Union Hall. Another great Brooklyn contribution to the Performing Arts.

BARBES. Do not visit here unless you want to Experience some of the most interesting music this world has to offer.

Pete’s Candy Store. Another Billy’s Berg spot where you check out things you have never heard.

The Bell House. Another out of the way place in Crooklyn. This place has Major Entertainers. If you are in the neighborhood, go there now.