How To Mess Up Your Mind Watching NYC Movies

Most people have watched NYC Movies before they experienced NYC directly.

NYC is the movie set where I grew up. This place is one gigantic movie location.

Of course being here is not like the movies. There is Energy. A Vibrancy.

A Pulse, which is unmistakable to those who are aware of it or not. It shows up well in cinema. It is a visual force to be captured and put in a bottle.

Obviously, it has been caught on film.

Here is the General Relativity Theory of NYC Film. Even if you have never set foot in NYC, You Have Been Here Before!

It’s a Deja Vu thing. Unless you belong to some Lost Tribe deep in the Amazon Jungle, you have witnessed a few NYC Movies. It might have been on TV. It might have been on your computer screen. Heck, perhaps it was on the I-Thingy you always keep close to you, as if they were your private parts. A word to the wise, invest more time in human experiences. You have plenty of time to have your perceptions managed by the crap you read & watch daily.

I have a duty of care. If you are in my NYC Taxi or on these web pages, I got your back. Your front and your sides. Remember, if you are not sure if someone is on your side, they are not on your side.

Incomplete & Partial List

The NYC Film world I grew up in is populated with comedians, criminals and financial service types.

It is a reflection of people, places and things, that may or may not exist anymore. The past is like a foreign country. These movies will take you back in time.

Times Square used to be populated by Kung Fu movies and assorted and sundry bad elements of society. Today, it is filled with Tourists carrying designer shopping bags. People with selfie sticks taking pictures of themselves.

They have ruined this place. Perhaps, I kvetch too much.

Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Spike Lee & Sidney Lumet

Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Spike Lee and Sidney Lumet

These names may or may not mean anything unless you are a movie person.

Usually in the beginning or end of a movie there are the names of a lot of people.

They all do stuff. You have seen a few NYC Movies, haven’t you?

Just for the record here is a list of people who were born or raised in Queens.

Perhaps you might be more familiar with their creativity?

In fact, let me go out on a ledge here and recommend a bunch of Scorsese films:

Taxi Driver

The King of Comedy

After Hours


Mean Streets

Woody Allen

If you have never seen a Woody Allen movie, perhaps it is about time. If you have not seen one recently, it is time to revisit. You will not be disappointed. Woody Allen like the City of New York, is an acquired taste. There are  billions of people on space ship earth. I get it man, not everyone gets born here NYC.

Imagine how your life and world would have turned out, if you could just make the movies you want and not care if they made any money. In other word’s you do this for yourself, and know there are other neurotic people who understand you. If you are a  serious student of NYC Movies, spend time watching Woody Allen’s films.


Annie Hall


Manhattan Murder Mystery

Mighty Aphrodite

Radio Days

Broadway Danny Rose


Small Time Crooks


Take The Money And Run

Bullets Over Broadway

Blue Jasmine

Spike Lee

Spike Lee is not from Korea. He is a NYC Movie maker. He is as good as it gets.

His depictions and storytelling skills are NYC at its best and worst. If you want to wrap your mind around the lives and worlds of New Yorkers, watch some Spike Lee movies. Then come visit us here. Spike Lee Does The Right Thing when it comes to NYC Movies.

Here is a list for you:

Do The Right Thing

He Got Game

Jungle Fever

Malcolm X

She’s Gotta Have It


25th Hour

Summer Of Sam

Sidney Lumet

Sidney Lumet is a Master. Interesting NYC Movies 101 dictate you visit or revisit his work. This is some serious old school stuff. You must see the following to wrap your mind around what this place used to be for a NYC film maker.

Dog Day Afternoon

The French Connection


The Verdict

Other Honorable Mentions

If you are still hungry for more cinematics, these films represent the Good, The Bad & The Ugly in NYC.

You really are in for lots of Tricks and Treats. These motion pictures are mythical and celebrated: 

The Godfather

Super Fly


Wall Street

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps

The Wolf Of Wall Street