Hungry For NYC Food?

Got an appetite for decent NYC Food? You have come to the right city. Culinary delights and experiences come in all shapes and forms. Different cuisines from different cultures in different neighborhoods.

If you are interested in NYC Food Delivery click here now for the ultimate guide.

Hopefully you have friends and family who can guide you to their favorite spots. If you are a guest, prepare to spend some of your hard earned money with the locals to obtain some decent to amazing eats. Usually at your expense. The people you are visiting are already living way above their means. Despite the high cost of living, it is still a very popular item.

If the concierge at the hotel recommends a place, they usually have some sort of arrangement with the restaurant. Which means they get a little piece of money for their recommendation.

A Quick Trick Too Finding NYC Food

Visit the NYC Restaurant Grading System. 

You see a grade posted in the window. Everyone likes to get an ‘A’.

Some of the best NYC restaurants, the places most visitors never visit, have other grades. Most people do not where to find them.

You type in the name of a restaurant or a NYC zip code. Up comes a database listing. They even give you the telephone number(s). You can even find information in Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

What A Deal!

BTW: There are 24,000 Restaurants in NYC.

You got your work cut out for you.

Basic New York City Food Groups

They are Pizza & Bagels 

This is a very subjective and personal list.

We can agree to disagree on many things, but if you are visiting, well man, when in NYC do as the New Yorkers do.

Pizza is an Italian Thing.

Bagels come from a small desert tribe, who have a long history of misery. The bagels are an Eastern European Thing.

These foods are all part of an ethnic smorgasbord which may seem exotic to you but are par for the course here.

You can find bagels everywhere.

You know you are in NYC when you go into an ethnic Chinese supermarket and discover bagels with all the other exotic foodstuffs.

I can’t explain Why, it just Is.

Where To Go? What To Eat?

If you cannot figure out for yourself a decent place to enjoy a meal in NYC, you are screwed. Seriously, this ain’t hard to do. You just have to do it. However, like most things in Life Practice is Way better than Theory.

How difficult is it to put food in your mouth when you are Hungry?

Unless you are a person with unique dietary requirements, finding and enjoying interesting NYC Food is a Slam Dunk. Do you think Michael Jordan has any problems obtaining a good meal here? Well neither should you.

Hungry Omnivores are a dime a dozen.

Ready to get busy? Good.

People Who Need Pizza Are The Luckiest People

I don’t know how many Pizza Places there are in NYC.

I do know you can find them Everywhere.

Your results like your car mileage may vary. Pizza is simple. Dough, cheese and tomato sauce. Purchase. Rinse. Repeat.

As a Lover of Food, you can research the history of pizza in NYC by typing into your favorite search engine “history of pizza NYC”, Oh My Goodness, someone else has created web pages on this subject.

It is astounding how much you can figure out, if and when you are in the mood to figure out stuff. Go Figure.

Pizza joints in the past were an Italian thing. Today the workers who make and bake the dough, are immigrants from Mexico. They produce some of the Best Pizza on the Planet. Viva Mexico!

If you are visiting NYC - do as the locals do. Score some Pizza. Eat some Pizza in the rain, on the run.

You can’t go wrong. It’s a NYC Food Thing.

Best Bagels In NYC

Like Death & Taxes, eating Bagels in NYC is one of those things you can’t avoid. It is a no-brainer. Just show up.

Good, you are here. Find a bagel spot. This is not that difficult, unlike your personal and professional relationships. People are such pains in the ass.

If you are not from around here, like one of the 60 million who visited NYC in 2017, it is your right but not an obligation to eat a NYC bagel.

Let’s get Bagel Busy. Where do you get the best bagels in NYC?

It all depends where you are. Best way to find out anything is to ask someone. Having a conversation with someone else is so 20th century. Let us put our Big Boy and Big Girl pants on and just do this. Look up from your cell phone. Talk to someone who lives or works in the neighborhood.

Firefighters, Police Officers and United Parcel Service guys (girls) are all excellent sources of information. Why? They know neighborhood.

Get your Street Smarts on. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. For the record, I think an Everything Bagel is the answer to life, the universe and everything that is decent and good in the NYC Food world.

Best NYC Food Web Pages

Here are some of the best NYC Food Web Pages.

If you are living or visiting NYC we have saved the best for last. It's like dessert. This is sweet!

People are food obssesed here. No seriously. It is very easy to spend large amounts of money on meals.

NYC Taxi drivers do not earn the big bucks. Remember, it is not what you spend but where you spend it. 


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