WTF Is NYC TAXI WTF All About? ?

NYC Taxi WTF is a healthy dose of common sense, where common sense is not common. We write about people, places and things in New York City, both familiar and unfamiliar to both locals and visitors.

This web site is about getting everything you have from all you got in NYC from the perspective of a Native NYC Taxi Driver.

Life is about being connected or disconnected from what goes on around us. It is the people, places and things that make this city rich and abundant. Stuff you know. Stuff you do not know.

NYC Taxi WTF comes in multiple forms. NYC living is similar but not the same as life in other places. It takes the form of multiple attractions.

For visitors, it is a gigantic theme park, if you live and work here, it is something else. Your ability to wrap your mind around this place depends on your point of view.

Here at NYC Taxi WTF we are tasked with providing good solid information.

How Can NYC Taxi WTF Benefit You?

What is important and what is meaningful all depends on who you are, in the context of your NYC experiences. It’s all about your situation. Some situations are good. Many are less so. Be that as it may, always figure things out for yourself. Repeat after me: “I will think for myself.”

When was the last time you took at face value what family members, co-workers or officialdom said? This being understood, allow me to share some of the ideas you will find here.

There are details about apartments, books, food, comedy, music, movies, music, radio, travel deals, shopping, transportation and more in NYC.

NYC street sign

Why NYC Taxi Drivers Are Like
Boxes of Chocolate

NYC Yellow Taxi Cab Drivers are like boxes of chocolate because you never know Who or What you are going to find on the inside.

A decent NYC taxi cab driver combines compassion with cunning. It is close encounters of the Weird by Weirder, all the time.

It is the ability to Play Well with Others.

Think Wealth.
Think Race.
Think Religion.

You will never be given these lessons in any school of formal education.

You go from the ridiculous to the inspiring in less than a New York Minute. Let me take a moment to explain New York Minutes.

They are similar to Swiss and German Minutes. They are not like Artist’s or Latin American Minutes. Different places have different senses of urgency than other places. Dealing with the time challenged is par for the course here.

Driving a NYC taxi is all about the WTF.

Your results, like your life mileage, may vary.

NYC Taxi Info For Visitors

Chances are if you visiting, you will end up in a NYC Taxi.

There will be a man or woman behind the wheel. They want your money to pay their expenses. You need to get from point A to point B.

It’s a match made in Heaven.

NYC Taxi Info For Residents

What can NYC residents learn?

Well, there is always more New York City to discover, enjoy and for you to notice. It is important to take what you can from wherever you get it. Bottom up is better than top down. Do what you got to do, do what you can. If you are smart you learn something new every day.

Wander around here now.

You will not be disappointed.